Bob Cleveland

     Since I retired a few years ago I have spent most of my time enjoying my main hobbies - computers, radio and fishing. So what am I doing on a pigeon page?

     When I first met Nash Milic, about 1999, I was intrigued by his pigeon hobby. As we became friends I began watching him train and fly his Tipplers. I like learning new things even though I am an "old fart" born in 1932. Making this web site and Nash's previous one I couldn't help but learn more about pigeons. I also learned a lot while writing the Pigeon Record program as well as helping with the narration for Nash's Tippler training movie.

     The pigeon record program was written for pigeon record keeping with the way Nash likes to keep track of his pigeons in mind. As the programming progressed, Nash would say "can you add this feature to it" and I would add another feature. So it came together "piece-meal". Not the best way to write a program with no clear end product in mind, but it seemed to work. The end product for me, aside form the fact that I enjoy writing little computer programs, is that I learned about breeding pigeons! The program is a free download on this web site for anyone who wants to use it.

    I also learned about training and flying Tipplers, while helping Nash out on the narration of his Tippler Training movie. In the movie he goes into some detail on training young Tipplers for eventual competition flying. Nash elaborates more on this subject in other sections of this web site.

    For now I will continue to visit Nash's pigeon loft and enjoy watching him train and fly his Tipplers. So what am I doing on a pigeon page? Who knows.

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